Meet the Team

David Wales

David has a long and distinguished career with ever increasing levels of responsibility, with the Kent Fire Service, and understands the myriad challenges facing the public sector today.

David has worked in numerous sectors including fire, academia, burn care, charity and customer experience. He has built strategic partnerships, provided leadership and generated innovation both in terms of ways of working and service delivery initiatives.

His public sector work has also been recognised through multiple awards, publications and conference presentations. In an age of greater access to data and information, he has helped organisations optimise their use of evidence and decision making and believes strongly that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will augment this. He is an advocate of multi-disciplinary input and creative approaches as a means to unlock new levels of organisational understanding and opportunity and an experienced manager with an extensive strategy/policy background, but is at his best when surrounded by enthusiastic, motivated and inspiring people.


Gerry Brown

Gerry Brown, is on a mission to save the world from bad customer service. He helps businesses save customers at risk of defecting and breathes life into their customer service operations and customer experience strategy. Gerry has provided organizational leadership on people development, business transformation, customer engagement and technology enablement for some of the largest companies in the UK, Canada, and EMEA. These include East Sussex County Council, London International Patient Services, National Express, Nutricia, The Royal Albert Hall, Endsleigh Insurance, O2, Screwfix, Sage, Sky, Bell Canada and TELUS.He is also a published author and his new book When a Customer Wins, Nobody Loses is available on Amazon to help business leaders to create winning and memorable customer experiences.  Gerry is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce (RSA), a member of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA), the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), the Customer Experience Professionals Association and a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)