Communications That Count 


Citizens First

We zero in on breakdowns in communication and operational effectiveness within and between government agencies and their constituents and develop and deploy realistic, achievable and mutually valuable outcomes. We do this while ensuring that the citizen experience delivered is paramount and is enhanced. As with many things in life this may require some compromise. But we have no vested interest, nor electoral ambitions, to hold us back. We’ll consider all aspects of the challenge, and on the supplier side we focus on the triple play of People, Process and Technology. While not unique, it is pursued from an unbiased and independent perspective that can ensure that a positive change in direction is made, by making connections that count and all stakeholders get value for money.

This is achieved via a range of fundamental, back to basics programs, that can be designed, developed and delivered in a relatively short time frame. Weeks, not months or years. They range from short one day discovery and educational workshops with front-line and key support colleagues, through a more in-depth analysis of ongoing program delivery and a full process review and technology evaluation.

Here are samples of our programs:

A Day in the Life of Joan and Joe Public

This program is designed to uncover the most pressing procedural, operational and technology issues that can stand in the way of citizens’ progress in achieving their desired outcomes. This approach can be a vital first step for those organizations looking at implementing cloud-based model offices and innovation hubs as a way to conduct discovery exercises and fast track strategic, procedural and operational developments that are necessary for citizen experience and digital transformation. While more evolutionary than revolutionary, completing the process in a single day, involving the key people, with a high-level report closely following, definitely changes the landscape.

Measuring What Matters for Positive Citizen Outcomes – The End is Insight

Measuring citizen satisfaction is often as unreliable and surprising as election or referendum polls. Really understanding citizens’ needs and wants, the differences between them, and how they truly feel about the level of service they receive, are critical, non-negotiable elements in measuring what is important to them and how and where operational changes are needed. Getting accurate, relevant and actionable feedback can help government agencies better utilise scarce public finances, improve internal and external communications, as well being seen to listen to, and take notice of, the electorate which in the current climate is definitely a vote of confidence.

This workshop delivers a practical and flexible approach to truly understanding citizen needs and designing the questions to ask to meet them, the metrics to use and how best to action them.