The Citizen Connection

Enabling authentic and meaningful communications between citizens and the public sector

The Citizen Connection specialises in developing strategic and operational initiatives that bring citizens and government bodies together in a sustainable, equitable and mutually beneficial partnership


The Need for Change

Delivering excellent Customer Experience is recognised as essential for companies competing in the commercial sector. Increasingly, and with good reason, citizens now expect similar standards and service to be found in the public sector.

And yet, both for the service provider and user there are important differences which influence how this is achieved. This is where The Citizen Connection can really help.

We are a boutique consultancy and work with

  • Public sector service providers
  • Citizens or community groups
  • Public sector suppliers

We understand that it’s not people or tech – both are required. But having a great digital and workforce strategy is of no benefit if they are not properly aligned and suffer from departmental silos. In a busy world, tick box exercises are tempting but rarely have much impact and often result in failure or greater cost in the long term.

Improving the citizen experience can also bring demonstrable results to employee engagement. Retaining talent is one of the many challenges facing the public sector and creating authentic purpose and value offers a way to create a desirable place to work.

Giving citizens a meaningful voice in their services reduces effort and complaints whilst increasing satisfaction. So, everyone wins.

To find out more about how we can help you, whether it is time for a major rethink or to address a specific issue, please contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation.