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The Need for Change

Recent political events on both sides of the Atlantic and the European mainland, have been reputationally damaging to governments and frustrating to citizens, whose trust in elected officials continues to drop at an alarming pace. This year’s Edelman Trust Barometer that measures global trust in both public and private sector organizations, stated that, “Despite the divergence in trust between the informed public and mass population the world is united on one front—all share an urgent desire for change. Only one in five feels that the system is working for them, with nearly half of the mass population believing that the system is failing them.”

The report notes that in the UK, “This year’s findings reveal a record trust gap between the informed and mass public, resulting in a Disunited Kingdom. Britons are angrier about politics and society since the referendum, and our research tells us that the country feels betrayed by politics and politicians, anxious we are travelling in the wrong direction and driven by a hunger for more fairness in society.”

We recognize that in most cases citizens don’t have a choice in their provider of public services and consequently are understandably sceptical about the sincerity and commitment of their local and central government bodies to keep the citizens best interest at heart. But even if this means we have a situation of “strange bedfellows”, it is in the interest and benefit of both parties to find some common ground, where services are provided to a consistently high level that meets or exceeds citizen’s expectations, by engaged and empowered employees, while keeping within budgetary constraints. Not an easy task, but neither is it impossible.

That’s where The Citizen Connection joins the dots and brings people together.

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